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Richard Simonsen

Dear Praying Friends,
I want to begin by thanking you for praying for me last week. It took a couple of days but by Wednesday I was back to normal. On Tuesday Sue and I went to the sports club gym but I was only able to do 20 minutes on the treadmill (I normally do between 30 and 40) so I knew I wasn't yet "back". On Thursday we tried it again and I was able to get in my usual exercise. On Friday the whole family worked together and canned 28 quarts of tomatoes. They are very cheap right now and I estimated that we saved about $100 over the cost of buying canned tomatoes. We hope to do another batch next week and we will have all we need until furlough. Sue also dis a batch of sauerkraut because cabbages were only about 15 cents each!
Friday afternoon we went to a near-by retreat center to check into its possibilities for our January college Spiritual Life Retreat. It looked good. Much nicer than the place we used last year but will cost about $500 more. With about 35 attending that really isn't too much. Pray for wisdom in making this important decision.
When I was feeling up to it I also did some work on developing course materials for another new course - "Classroom Communication." Sue and Phyllis Gathaara (one of our Master's students) will co-teach the course during the third term. With both of them busy writing research papers for their last Masters class and reading assignments for the next class I volunteered to put the materials together for them. Praise the Lord for the internet! It has been very helpful in putting this material together. If any of you education majors have some material in electronic form that you could sent our way I'd be very grateful! Pray for wisdom as I finish the materials and as the ladies prepare to teach.
Our visitation at Happy Valley on Saturday was the best in quite awhile. Finally it was warm enough for people to be out and about and cool enough for them to want to be out. Today attendance at church was about normal but two children who we contacted on visitation were there early for Sue's SS class. These two live in a complex of over thirty 2-room homes where there are probably 30 or more children living. Pray as we follow-up on Saturday and that more of these children will come next week. We are also planning to begin a SS class for the older children (probably 5th grade and up) with Pastor Nyaga, Ted daub and I sharing the teaching. Pray that this plan will come together in the next few weeks.
Finally, please pray for our College Faculty and Wives Retreat (actually Sue will be the only wife attending). Tomorrow through Wednesday we will gather at a small lodge about 3 hours toward Mt. Kenya for our annual planning session. This meeting will be especially important one. Brent Halstead's family is still on furlough - he returns to the States right after the retreat - so we need to make all of the necessary plans for the college graduation at the retreat. With our family planning furlough for next year we will also be going over the entire academic schedule through March 2014. As Academic Dean I need to make sure all of the right courses are scheduled and taught by the right people.
Next Sunday, August 12, Pastor Josiah Wambua will be at Happy Valley Baptist Church to teach and preach on Christian Marriage. There seems to be much interest in the community on that subject. Please pray that the interest will be turned into attendance on that day!
Have a wonderful week with the Lord Jesus Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen

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